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King Khazm

Rap Artist

An artist who has a bunch of experience under his belt. He has shared the stage with many people over the years. He also has talent in graphic design and has had his art shown in a museum as well.



As an artist, Khazm’s contributions to the culture have been significant as well. Since he began emceeing in the mid 90’s and started producing music, he has released various material on CD and vinyl as a solo artist; with groups Cyphalliance, Abyssinian Creole and others on a number of compilations and projects. He has shared the stage with Afrika Bambaataa, Gza/Genius, Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Grandmaster Caz, Naughty By Nature, and other Hip Hop legends throughout the country. His breadth and skill as a visual artist fueled his work in graphic design, and his art installations have been featured in various locations such as Consolidated Art Works and the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle.


Saturn with Headphones
King Khazm
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