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Steps on the Stairway
to Success!

"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive to the environment in which you find yourself."
- Mark Caine



EAD shines a spotlight on the extensive and diverse community of artists with disabilities. Each individual has unique challenges, and it is important to be aware of and respect the struggles a disabled person goes through every day. Here at EAD we intend to show the world how we can overcome these difficulties through the power of art.


Empowering Artists With Disabilities (EAD) creates platforms and opportunities for artists with disabilities to pursue viable career goals. The organization provides artists with customized guidance that will meet their needs and provide the tools and knowledge they require to establish themselves as creative artists. Live Performances Are currently our method of getting the word out to the public and to potential partners and sponsors. Continuing to build a schedule of live events and promotional materials. Creating an educational program to aid musicians, artists, producers and other disciplines to hone their craft.


We utilize our experience and knowledge of how the various artistic industries function
today to enable our members to develop and enhance their marketability via the internet.

  • television broadcasting;

  • publishing events; 

  • social media;

  • interviews; 

  • podcasts; 

  • infomercials;

  • public service announcements;

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