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Who We Are

Our Organization

EAD, "Empowering Artists with Disabilities," is an organization founded by musicians with disabilities that have enormous talent. We want to share our talents to everyone that has skills and ambition to enhance their talent as well.

Staff Meeting

This organization will help expose their artistic abilities to the world to gain popularity and build their careers. We utilize our experience and knowledge regarding how the artistic industries function today to enable our clients to advance their marketability via the internet and its social media boom.

Our Vision

To assist and enable people with disabilities in developing their talents and advancing their careers with the support of an experienced professional staff and dedicated community partners.

Our Goal

The organization seeks to guide and empower disabled artists with the knowledge, expertise, and support that will meet their needs in establishing and promoting themselves as successful creative artists. 


We are looking for donors to provide funds and equipment as needed for our artistic projects, as well as musical instruments, art supplies, performance spaces, etc. Currently we are in the process of preparing applications for grants to finance projects in the works and to meet the specific needs of our member artists. To find out more about our current efforts and/or to offer assistance, please contact us directly.


Your donations aid us in sponsoring our artists, funding new projects we can do,

and setting up events under our

organization's name.

*Please make payable to: EAD Inc.

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Make an impact by joining our staff of professionals. You can become become part of a team that can bolster our artist's careers. Join now to be a part of it.


Becoming a member will give you the opportunity to grow your skills to a professional standard. We'll be guiding you along that process as well with a team of professionals of our own.

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