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Nene Colon

Rap Artist

Songwriter/rapper that is very passionate in what he does. His passion comes from his family and the love that they gave him. No matter what is thrown his way he pushes through it all to achieve his dreams.



Brooklyn, New York Songwriter/Rapper Nene has a passion, and that is producing songs that reflect what he is inside, but also the world around him. Nene is differently abled, and even though life can be very difficult at times, it doesn't stop him from pursuing his dreams. In Nene's words: "There's many reasons why I wanted to become a rap artist. There are artists that inspire me; watching their moves, listening to their responses, paying attention to the details to know what I would have to prepare for, and know what could be coming my way." The inspiration and influence: "I've learned a lot from listening to the artist 50 Cent, and see how he would structure his songs and his timing on how he would deliver his style and flow. Nene's drive comes from his family: "If you hear something crazy come out of my mouth it's because of my mom Vilma Rodriguez. I'm usually impatient, and I have to feel like I'm moving somewhere to feel good, but I get that from her. She passed on July 11th, 2019, on my Fathers birthday. She prepared me for her death but she didn't prepare for the outcome of her death." "I wasn't ready to see my mom on the hospital bed, slowly passing away. It put me in a real deep depression that I never felt before, but after she passed, I felt like the whole world was lifted off my shoulders, I didn't have to see her suffer anymore. I'll say this before anybody else; my mom believed in me 100%! I can't be more grateful for her giving me life." From the streets, to the struggle: I was born on November 14th, 1989 at Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, New York. I was born with a disability called "Caudal Regression Syndrome." My mom had diabetes while she was pregnant with me, without even knowing she had Diabetes. She found out while she was giving birth to Me; The doctors said that I wasn't even supposed to make it to one year old.. There were plenty of times that I flat-lined, but my mom always told me it was her prayers that kept me alive, and years later I'm still here doing what I love to do, making music and shocking people. I feel like that's what I was sent down here for. Everybody has their reasons for living, but this is mine. I grew up with love, but lets be honest, it was a struggle, and the older I get, the more of that struggle I have to go through." The beats are real: "Growing up as a kid in my situation you don't see the disadvantages as much when you are young. I had drive, and if I said I was going to do something, I did it; but as I got older, physically it took toll on me, but music helped me face that frustration." "In the beginning, I produced a lot of music and it was my work, it was life, it was my world. I didn't care about anything but my music. In 2006 I formed a group called "The Movement" and it was originally four of us; "Pimp Or Die" - Aka "Chad Mandela," "Tha General, Moe Bucks, and Myself Nene." I followed G-Unit format with the mixtapes, and I tried running it like a label. The label was Lock Down Records, and we had 2 mixtape series, and underground MixTape albums. "Once Moe Bucks got locked in, I felt like I could focus on the group more with Tha General, and Pimp Or Die, and it was less of a headache. The mixtape series was called "Tha Movement Mixtape Series" and the 2nd mixtape series was called "Chamberz Closed" and we had a group underground mixtape album." The future: "I'm happy that I found "Empowering Artists with Disabilities" because they are giving me the guidance that I need to get where I need to go. I don't feel so alone in the struggle anymore. The senior members have a lot of years of experience in the business, and they are giving me that knowledge. I'm grateful for them!"


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