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Rich & Mike


A person who has been playing the drums since he was young. After undergoing surgery he still continued on with his lessons and never stopping to play the drums. Eventually he wrote a book all about his own experiences playing the drums.



Michael Mignogna was born with Cerebral Palsy and raised on Long Island, he never let anything get in his way. He started playing drums at the age of 11, after receiving a snare drum from his cousin. I played that drum incessantly for about a year when his parents agreed he should take lessons. He was told that he needed a medial hamstring release. After the surgery with casts on both legs up to the hips. He continued with lessons: casts and all. When the casts were removed they were so atrophied that it was very painful and hard to walk. I used the drums as a motivational tool to get me on my feet and purchased my first kit: a white CB 700 a great starter kit. My father put the drum set in the back of the house and he agreed every time I would take a few steps he would move the drums closer to my room. Well, needless to say, I learned to play the drums with no feet and wrote a book on it called LOOK MA NO FEET.


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